DBKL: No plans to redevelop Seri Perlis flats
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DBKL: No plans to redevelop Seri Perlis flats

Mar 08, 2023

The article in StarMetro on Jan 13.

KUALA Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has poured cold water on claims that the Seri Perlis 2 public housing project in Kampung Datuk Keramat is slated for redevelopment soon.

In a statement to StarMetro, DBKL said no offers were made to residents, and that it would continue to service the flats as usual.

"DBKL acknowledges that there is a need to spruce up the buildings due to the old and rundown condition.

"We have received a proposal to redevelop the area, but it will not be carried out," the statement read.

No details were given about who made the proposal or why it was shelved.

The redevelopment issue surfaced last December after a group of residents held a press conference demanding the government to honour a promise made in the 1980s.

They claimed they were offered a rent-to-buy scheme with the rental paid being converted into a deposit after 10 years.

However, four decades later, residents are still paying RM124 in monthly rental, with no update about the status of their unit.

Many fear they will not be compensated if redevelopment takes place as they do not own the units.

DBKL, in response, said current residents would be given priority to own a unit should the area be earmarked for redevelopment.

"They will also be offered to rent a place at any of DBKL's council homes in the city," it added.

DBKL said that any assistance to the residents would be subjected to an agreement with the building management.

On Sept 15 last year, StarMetro reported that 30 low-cost flats projects – including Seri Perlis 2 – in the city had been identified for DBKL's urban renewal project.

The then Federal Territories minister Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim said engagement sessions would be held to gather input from the residents involved.

Meanwhile, Seri Perlis 2 residents association committee member Norasyimah Daud urged a clarification on the rent-to-own scheme.

"We understand the need for redevelopment as the buildings are more than 40 years old with various defects.

"But it's important that we obtain ownership of our unit so we can be compensated before any such project takes off," she said.

Located within 500m from the Damai LRT station, the Seri Perlis 2 flats comprise 300 units in five blocks of three-storey apartments.

In a StarMetro report on Jan 13, some residents complained about issues such as water seepage, leaky pipes and limited floor space.

In response, DBKL said it would continue to maintain the upkeep of the facilities at the flats like other public housing areas in the city.

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