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May 25, 2023

Lead is not found in Rochester's source water or in the water mains. Lead can be present in the servicelines connecting homes to water mains and then pass lead into the water you usefor drinking and cooking.

Learn more about lead in drinking water and how to ensure you are getting the best quality water possible.


ALL city ofRochester residents who aren't sure of their service line material. Find out if yourservice type is unknown here


IMPORTANTNOTE: If the pipe material entering your home through the basement wall orfloor is corroded or in poor condition, only perform a magnet test on thepipe. If your service is not made of metal, it is most likely plastic.


Locateyour Pipe.

Findyour water meter and the pipe part connected to the ground or wall. This pipecomes in from the street and will be the focus of the test.


TESTthe pipe to see what you have.

First,visually inspect your pipe to see if it is PLASTIC. If your pipe is a brightblue color with a smooth finish and flexible, you have PLASTIC which isresistant to corrosion. You do not need a pipe replacement.

Ifthe pipe is brownish-orange in color, like a penny, or has turned green overtime due to oxidation, AND your magnet will NOT stick to it, you have a COPPER pipe. You do not need a pipe replacement.

Ifyour pipe appears metallic check to see if your magnet can stick to the pipe,If the magnet sticks, you have GALVANIZED STEEL pipe. Your pipe will need to bereplaced.

Usethe penny or screwdriver to GENTLY scratch the surface of the pipe to removeany coatings or dirt to reveal the material underneath.

Ifyour pipe is dark in color, is very soft, and easy to scratch, and thescratched surface looks shiny and silvery, AND your magnet will NOT stick toit, you likely have a LEAD pipe and it will need to be replaced.


REPORTyour pipe type!

Fill out the online form at the bottom of this page.

Email [email protected]

Callor text (585)866-9258

If you are unable to identify your service line we will come to your home and do it for you.

Contact us at the email or phone number above to set up a convenient and quick appointment with one of our Water Bureau technicians.

Theinformation you provide us will be used to plan future lead and galvanizedsteel service line replacement projects so we can Get the Lead Out Together! Until then, if you are concerned about your water quality you can haveyour water tested free ofcharge by calling 428-6680 x1, or emailing [email protected].


Childhood lead poisoning is nearlyalways the result of ingesting lead dust from deteriorated lead-basedpaint in the home. Make sure your house or apartment is safe from lead hazardsby scheduling a FREE lead inspection with the City by calling (585) 428-6520.More information is available from the Coalitionto Prevent Lead Poisoning.